Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Regular price $30.99
  • Keep Healthy: The feeding mat can rectify bad habits of dogs, slow down eating, prevent digestive problems & obesity, protect the dog's health. It also can avoid eating too fast to causing suffocate.
  • More Fun & Challenging: Pet food mat added more places to hide food, including dense grass, flowers, stars, clouds, etc., increased difficulty of the game & smell time, keep them busy, consume energy to avoid disruptive behavior.
  • Stress & Anxiety Relief: The dog puzzle toys ​can increases the fun of eating & sense of accomplishment, helps your pet friends to stay away from anxiety. Snuffle mat can bring stimulation to pets especially elderly pets with limited mobility, pass the boring time.
  • Perfect Training Game: The dog puzzle toys let pets look for snacks hidden in mats, encourage natural foraging skills by imitating foraging on grass. Thereby strengthening the pet's brain & sense of smell, enhancing their IQ, promoting them to find food residues.
  • Reliable Material & Non-slip: The mat is made of safe & durable felt cloth, with strong tear & bite resistance, not easy to break. No peculiar smell, will not affect the health of pets. The non-slip particles at the bottom prevent the mat from sliding, the straps can roll up the mat for storage, or tie it to the furniture to prevent slipping.

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